Carnelian Ascension - 18kt body chain necklace

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High Vibrational!


Ground and anchor yourself in the present reality. Carnelian  is a stabilizing stone with high energy and is excellent for restoring vitality, motivation and for stimulating creative pursuits. It will help to give you courage, promotes positive life choices. This beautiful stone will help you to trust yourself and will help you to get over abuse. this stone is a powerful protector against envy, rage, and resentment, yours or other peoples. It is also helpful  to influence the female reproductive organs and increases fertility. As well this magical stone will help to absorb vitamins and minerals.


This necklace is designed to be worn around the neck and drops to your belly button, strong enough to withstand activities such as dancing swimming and yoga. 

Each chosen piece is unique due to the chosen gem stones, therefore, one of a kind 

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