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Soul Sister Design House

We take pride to create personalized shopping experiences. 
Our highly favoured collections feature clothing, natural perfume, home decor and  jewelry. 

We pay close attention to detail and draw attention to the quality, comfort and fit. 

Crafted in small batches, and made to order, each collection is unique to assure that your chosen item is practically one of a kind.


Our Values

Who we are is reflected in our values. Our beliefs guide our actions and therefore unite us with our customers.



We are committed to making quality products and creating trusted connections with our customers.



Creativity is the core of all that we do.



We believe in doing what is right. It is important more than ever to start embracing the movement of ethical & sustainably produced clothing and products, and to thoughtfully purchase pieces that you will have for a lifetime, by investing in well-made and lasting clothes, and to curate and collect pieces, which tell a story or have meaning.



Instead of chasing trends, at soul-sister.co our goal is to build a brand which utilizes enduring styles by layering options and creating unique and versatile pieces. Our Clothing label is designed and made in-house and locally, which allows us full control over the process. By following this method we are able to infuse value into every stitch, seam, lining, and fold, of a lovingly made and crafted garment.





We pride ourselves on creating fashion, both consciously, and responsibly, to ensure our fashionistas enjoy the pleasures of wearing beautiful, well-made clothing.



This means that we will only make an item once it has sold on our site, like going to an atelier or tailor and having it specially made for you. The difference being that the item or items will be made only in the sizes available in our store, therefore, once we receive  the order placed online, we will begin the process. Our Made to Order items are individually sewn for you which means your item(s) may take slightly longer to be delivered than the usual option of fast fashion items.


Soul Sister since Design studio


We are obviously making the order exclusively for you, therefore we are willing to offer bespoke design adjustments and would be happy to discuss this with you. However, once these adjustments are in place, and your garment has been tailored, your garment(s) will be considered a forever purchase, and therefore non returnable. We prefer to make each piece to fit you perfectly and suggest sending us your measurements and requirements.


Here to Help 

We would like to get to know you and to help you with your personal style. You can book a personal shopping experience with us at our Soul Sister design studio, or call us and leave a message, or just to say hello.

See our "book an appointment" option on our landing page.