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Amethyst Stone + Rudraksha Seeds + Sterling Silver Seed Of Life

This sacred Mala is beaded with Amethyst and Rudraksha Seeds and is knotted between each bead.

A sacred power object, possessing the power to positively influence and protect every expression of your life as you walk the path of awakening.

Mala is the Sanskrit word for the prayer beads traditionally used in India and in East Asia, now seen globally. Malas are used for counting repetitions of mantras, prayers, and affirmations, and typically have 108 beads.


Said to be the tears of Shiva. The smallest seeds are the most precious.

Supportive for mind and body ailments. They are also believed to increase clarity in general awareness, calm the nervous system, help quiet the mind, and free negative thoughts they are cooling when worn against the skin, increasing energy and stamina while providing rejuvenating qualities.

Rudraksha is the face of truth, ruled by the sun.

Its energies are significant in beginning, new, spiritual, evolutions, bringing about enlightenment and authenticity. These beads radiate with a warm, yet piercing light that greatly boosts, confidence, creativity and leadership abilities.

To fully express, full, divine potential, their power must be activated through specific Spiritual processes. Raksha changes, the karma of the ware, leading a person, naturally to the right path of truth and purpose, balance, the mind and emotions and casting the right environment for meditation and peaceful actions to bring about the desired goals in life.


A widely used ally to those seeking assistance with purification and support through addiction. It seems to lift the spirit and inspire a more conscious connection with spirit guides. Experiment with it (and your intention) as an energetic shield or for sending and receiving energy. are calmness, balance, and peace. People also use it to eliminate impatience.

Seed Of Life

The sacred part is that these patterns, their mathematical formulas, and their structure are evidence of divine planning and creation.

OUR SIZE GUIDE ( inches )

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24" 25"

0 - 2



32 1/4" - 33 1/4"

31 3/4"


26" 27"

4 - 6



34 1/4"-35 1/4"

32 3/8"


28" 29"

8 - 10



36 1/4"-37-1/4"



30" 31"

12 - 14

31 1/2"-33"

41 1/2"-43"

38 3/4"-40 1/4"

33 5/8"


32" 34"

16 - 18

34 1/2"-36"

44 1/2"-46"

41 3/4"-43 1/4"

34 1/4"


If you have any questions regarding sizing, please feel free to contact us. We wish for your chosen garment to fit you perfectly, so please feel free to send us your measurements!


Due to the nature of how our garments are crafted, each design is constructed by hand individually and there may be discrepancies from time to time. Each piece is limited and unique. We hope you not only feel good in our clothing and on your body, but also in your heart!

Garment Guide:


1. Bust / underarm - This is where your bust sits and is the fullest part of your chest

2. Waist - this is the area at the narrowest point of your midline

3. Hips - This is the full circumference at the widest part of your hips and booty

4. Rise - This is the  length of the fly front from belly button to the end of your crotch

5. Inseam - This is the length  inside the leg from the crotch to the ankle



Arm - Measure from your shoulder bone to your wrist.

Bust - Measure around the fullest part of your chest under your arms

Waist - Measure around the narrowest point of your natural waistline

Hips - Measure around the widest part of your hip and booty.

Rise - Measure the length from your belly button to your crotch