Embrace your Groove

Embrace your Groove


Unleash you inner groove

Are you ready to step back in time and experience the magic of the 1970's era and vibe? Soul Sister since 1969 is your one-stop destination for all things groovy yet sophisticated with a vintage inspired twist, and proudly Canadian. Embrace the free spirited retro vibe while being a part of an ethical movement. Here we bring you handmade clothing produced in small batches and limited editions, catered to the conscious consumer in you.


A Glimpse into the Soul Sister experience

Remember the days of flower Power, bell bottoms, and disco fever? Soul Sister since 1969 takes you on a journey, encapsulating the essence  of the 1970's  in each piece of clothing and lifestyle product we create. Our passion lies in bringing back the era of love, freedom and self-expression.


Groovy Handmade Clothing -  Made with Love

At Soul Sister since 1969, we are more than just a vintage inspired clothing brand. We are artisans inspired and dedicated to our craft, crafting each garment with love and attention to detail. Our handmade clothing ensures that you receive a unique piece with a personal touch. Say goodbye to mass-produced fashion and embrace individuality.


Small Batches & Limited Editions to Stand out from the Crowd

In a world of fast fashion and cookie-cuttter designs, Soul Sister since 1969 stands tall as a beacon of uniqueness. Our commitment to producing clothing in small batches and limited editions means you get to wear a rare gem that not many others will have. Be the trendsetter not the follower.


Ethical Conscious Fashion - Style with a Purpose

Fashion should never come at the cost of ethics and the environment. Soul Sister since 1969 believes in sustainable and responsible practices. Our clothing os made with eco-friendly materials and processes, reducing our carbon footprint. We care about the world we live in, and we know you do too.


Join the Groove - The community of Soul Sister

Soul Sister since 1969 is more than a brand; it's a community of like-minded individuals embracing a groovy lifestyle. Share your passion for vintage inspired fashion, sustainable living, and love for the '70's with Soul Sister since 1969. Join us on Social media and be a part of our vibrant, retro-loving family.


Don't Miss Out on our Limited Editions!

Unlock your inner groovy goddess and dress to impress with Soul Sister since 1969. Shop our collection now and get ready to turn heads , create fashion statements and become part of a movement that celebrates individuality, and the love for all things unique and groovy!

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Get ready to embrace your inner flower child and embark on a timeless journey with Soul Sister since 1969 Your gateway to groovy vintage inspired ethical fashion!