Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand



I'm Lisa Osei, founder, creative director, a passionate fashion designer, head stylist based in Metro Vancouver. I started this s business back in 2018, it has been a great feat that I have taken on.



I have been following my dreams and goals since I was a young child.

At a very young age, I began sewing, knitting, crocheting crafting and learning alongside my mother, an amazing, generous and  talented designer and creator of clothing, art, and crafts, who lovingly shared her knowledge for creating beautiful garments and accessories. My mother born out of the UK and a child of the fifties and sixties had a keen eye for fine prints and beautifully tailored garments and would proudly make me exquisitely crafted dresses, bell bottom jeans, jumpsuits and outrageous costumes during the 1970's era which I continue to harbour as my most formative and memorable years of my youth, shaping the person I am today, and allowing me to pursue my true passion.



As a result of this, I pursued my interest in fashion, by packing my suitcase, moving to Europe from Canada in the early '90's,  eventually studying in the UK. While working in various fashion houses, learning to cost, sample sew, pattern cut, work various fashion shoots, behind the scenes, and London fashion weeks, and run my own fashion stalls in the Camden Street Market on weekends to pay my rent, I was able to gain valuable experience, hone my skills, and build my confidence. 




After over 25 years of working in the industry, I took the leap and started my second fashion brand Soul Sister since 1969.

With hard work and determination, I have proudly launched my privately owned  small batch, vintage inspired fashion brand, which allows me to create high-quality, sustainable garments that are both beautiful, well made, and ethical. Through this business, I'm able to pursue my dreams, my unique vision, and values of creating fashion that is both stunning and environmentally conscious.



I would like to make my customers feel special when wearing our Soul Sister designs. It is important to me that people feel empowered knowing that each of  their chosen pieces are made with integrity and a place of love and most importantly to last.

My favourite era is the 70's which is reflected in the brand.

My love of music, funk, soul, rock n roll, dancing and rollerskating, will show up in my designs and I will forever reincarnate my mothers beloved fashions from this time of self expression.



Soul Sister since 1969’s small batch production has the advantage of promoting exclusivity and one's own personality.

When producing products in small quantities, as a fashion brand, we can create a sense of exclusivity that appeals to consumers who are looking for something special and distinctive.



As a small batch production company I believe it is becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry to offer a more sustainable, high-quality, exclusive, and flexible approach to design and manufacturing. By embracing this approach, it is my hope that we can meet the evolving needs and preferences of modern consumers while also reducing environmental impact and promoting greater social responsibility.